It is wise to prepare.

None of us know the future.

Prepare for Any Outcome

You can tell that the communists / socialists - that have taken over the Democrat Party are NOT going to let up.

There are not many Democrats left in the Democrat Party anymore, if any.

They've been leaving the Democrat Party for years and several voting cycles, just like many Republicans have left the Republican Party.

They've become Independents and Libertarians.

We are at War Now

It is not a bloody war ... YET, but the Communists are pushing us in that direction.

You Need to Be Prepared for Any Outcome.

Know what you are going to do BEFORE you are put into a scenario.  Have a plan.

Speak Up

Be respectful. 

You may think silence is golden, but it is more likely to be just plain yellow.

It is time for Courage, Not Cowardice

Take your stand for liberty.  

The media machine is trying to convince the weak and ignorant that the president is a traitor and that anyone that votes for him is ignorant and evil.

That is not only WRONG, it is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE.


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