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Why Pray?

Pray to Yield to God's Will

God is Sovereign.  Nothing happens on earth that He does not cause or allow.  We pray primarily humble ourselves and yield ourselves to God's rule over us.

Pray to Connect with God

We hear a lot about "connections" today, especially as it relates to social media.  However, there is no "connection" that is more important than connecting with God.

The Sovereign God WANTS to fellowship with you.  He has made a way for you to do this through prayer.

Pray to Get God to Act

God is Sovereign and He has given us a way to pour out our hearts and souls to Him.  God has chosen to hear and act in accordance with our prayers.

Many of our failures are results of failing to pray.

We cannot "force" God to do what we want through prayer, but He still responds to prayer.  It has been said this way: "prayer moves the arm of God."

We are more likely to win this battle we are in ON OUR KNEES than we are ON THE STREETS.  This does NOT mean we should not ACT, but that PRAYER should be the FIRST ACTION, always.

Pray for the PRESIDENT

Our president is under constant attacks.  He is attacked by the media DAILY, HOURLY.  He has many ENEMIES still within his administration.

He inherited a MESS.

He needs our prayers MORE than he needs our financial support. 

Pray for ALL Political Leaders

The Bible instructs us to pray for all of our leaders.

Pray for those that you think are friends and pray for those that you think are enemies.  Pray for God's good hand of blessing on ALL of them.

We want God to be merciful to us.  Let us show mercy to others.  Jesus taught us to love our enemies. 

Pray for our NATION

We are citizens of this country.  It is our country.  We share in its guilt for defying God's laws.

We need to CONFESS our nation's sins.

We need to REPENT of our sins as a nation.  We are collectively guilty.

We need to ask God to FORGIVE us and turn us back to Him NATIONALLY.


We need to pray together for our nation, our president and our leaders, but we need each other's prayers as well.

Prayer changes THINGS because prayer changes US.


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